Help Us Create The Nest We Need!

Imagine The Possibilities:

Imagine a place where orphaned baby squirrels can be bottle fed and kept warm, and hawks with injured wings can be repaired to fly again.  Imagine classes of school kids coming to learn about wildlife and scout troops earning their conservation badge.  Imagine a place where families can bring the injured bunny they found in their yard and spend some time walking around and viewing wildlife in habitats they call home.  

Imagine Nature’s Nursery Rehabilitating And Educating In “The Nest We Need”!


Create The Reality:

Nature’s Nursery has purchased a new building and land in Waterville, Ohio. The facility renovations have been designed with intent to provide the space, resources and amenities to care for local wildlife and provide public education to the community.  This one of a kind wildlife rehabilitation and education center will be a destination of pride for NW Ohio!  We need your help to complete the project and create The Nest We Need.

The Nest We Need Will Have Customized Space For Wildlife Rehabilitation As Well As On-Site Public Education

Education Room: 

For the first time in 32 years, Nature’s Nursery will have on-site educational programming in our wildlife classroom.

Dedicated Clinic Space:

 The new facility will include 6 individual rooms to include surgery space, X-rays, nursery, lab, aquatic species care and general rehab.

Wildlife Education: 

The 30+ Nature’s Nursery Education Ambassadors will be accessible for visitors and learning in both indoor and outdoor habitats.

Exterior Habitats: 

Five acres of land will be developed into exterior habitats for both rehabbing animals and education animals.

Why The Need?

The current Nature’s Nursery facility is a very small 1,500 square foot farmhouse in disrepair and insufficient for the nearly 4,000 animals we care for each year.

Watch this video for a virtual tour of our current facility.

How You Can Help Us Create
The Nest We Need!

Nature’s Nursery cares for wildlife from an 18 county region. This project will serve the entire community for wildlife rehabilitation, habitat preservation, environmental sustainability and education. 

We need YOUR help to build The Nest We Need.

Help Us Reach 100% Of Our Donation Goal!

$1,500,412 of $1.500,000 Raised 100%
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Habitat & Clinic Sponsors

Small Raptor Habitat-Genoa Bank

Small Mammal Habitat – Paul Jacyk

Surgical Suite – McLaren/St. Luke’s

Aquatic Room -In memory of Nancy Russell-Shaw

Large Animal Room – In memory of Nancy Russell-Shaw 

Education Room-Anonymous

Large Mammal Habitat – In Memory Of George, Carol and Steve Madras By Tom And Linda Gorey

Bald Eagle         $5,000 +

Seizert Family Foundation

Donna & Keith Henson

Pat Baden


Rick and Jane Fruth

Tony Lyons & Fran Pitzen

The Andersons
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TKBW Foundation

Karen Wolf

Stranahan Supporting Organization Of The Greater Toledo Community Foundation

The Wolfe Family Charitable Foundation | Designated By Christine Wolfe Nichols



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