Nature’s Nursery gearing up for spring and you can help the animals too

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Help protect the critters taken in by the nonprofit by attending a Walleye game or painting a picture.Author: Ariyl OnstottPublished: 1:37 PM EST February 21, 2020Updated: 1:38 PM EST February 21, 2020TOLEDO, Ohio — You may start to see a lot of baby animals in your yard in just a couple short months. Nature’s Nursery is gearing up for their busy season to take in injured and orphaned critters. Each animal is important to our ecosystem in its own way. Yet staffers with the nonprofit based in Whitehouse want us to understand a few things when it comes to rescuing wild animals. Don’t automatically assume an animal or nest is abandoned, Allison Schroeder explained. Schroeder serves as the executive director of Nature’s Nursery. “The perfect scenario is always to keep wildlife in the wild,” Schroeder said. “Obviously, if it is abandoned and injured, we want to bring it in here, take care of it with the goal of releasing them back into the wild when it’s safe.”If you want to help a critter in your yard, give Nature’s Nursery a call. Staff will often have you monitor the situation, give you signs to look for, and/or take pictures for them to evaluate.