Electronics Recycling Drop Off

Date: March 23, 2024
Time: 10:00 am
Round up your old computers, gaming systems, phones, tablets and more and bring them to the Lucas County Rec center. All data is securely destroyed and items are fully recycled. (TV’s NOT Accepted)
$10 donation to Nature’s Nursery per car load.
Easy pull up, and we will unload.
Enter at Key Street parking lot and look for the signs.
What WILL Be Accepted:
-Hard Drives
-Flat Screen Monitors
-Game Systems
-Fax Machines
What WILL NOT Be Accepted:
-TV’s/CRT/ Non Flatscreen Monitors
-Air Conditioners
-Florescent Bulbs
-Alkaline Batteries
-All Other NON Electronic Items
Such As Furniture/Toys/Clothing