Turtle Yoga with Joe Sparks June 23 | 1PM-2PM

Date: June 23, 2024
Time: 1:00 pm

Who needs goat yoga when you have turtles! Support Nature’s Nursery’s shelled friends and join us for turtle yoga with Joe Sparks! All you need to bring is water and a mat. Joe will provide the rest and we will provide the turtles.

Joe Sparks is the 68-year-old owner of Joe’s Yoga & Fitness in. Perrysburg, Ohio and inventor of the EZ Run Belt- a simple lightweight training belt that ” self-corrects” one’s running gait to a more efficient, high turnover, injury resistant running style. He’s a former triathlete turned long-distance swimmer who’s been doing bi-annual fundraising swims on the Maumee River since
2021. He will be swimming 13.5 river miles from downtown Perrysburg to Point Place, to raise money for Nature’s Nursery on July 13th.
After attending the Climate Reality Leadership training with Al Gore in 2019, Joe was inspired to begin speaking out about his connection with the environment, and the importance of the health of our local environment— especially the Maumee River and Lake Erie. With 30 years of experience participating in and leading listening circles in the context Re-Evaluation Co-Counseling, Joe sees listening to each other as a powerful tool to experience our shared humanity.

Sign up at this link: https://natures-nursery.org/product/turtle-yoga-with-joe-sparks-june-23-1-2/