The Giving Tree


The Giving Tree will hold a prominent location, standing floor to ceiling, in our new facility.  The tree will serve as a reminder that we should give back more than we take from nature.

In the story of The Giving Tree, the tree happily gives each and every part of itself for the boy.  Nature’s Nursery exists to educate the community that all of nature, especially wildlife, should be respected, protected and enjoyed.

Help us give back to The Giving Tree by filling it with leaves, birds and animals.


The Details:

-You can choose a name or word to be written on your item (we will write it)

-Name must be no more than 12 characters including spaces.

-Your item purchase(s) will be installed on the tree once the building is complete (January 2023 expected completion)

*PLEASE NOTE: You Will NOT Get Your Purchased Item. We Will Be Install It On The Tree.


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